Dicas para um Casamento Tematico

Dicas para um casamento tematico, one of the factors to remember, when selecting the wedding venue or venue, is the season because of the outdoor spaces.

Therefore, keep in mind the climatic conditions, which may be adverse to certain spaces.

It is advisable to choose a place that, besides a space in the exterior, has a covered space, such as a tent, for example.
And, whether you marry in the summer or in the winter, make sure that the tent or the hall, where the ceremony will be served, have appropriate air conditioning.

On the beach:

Has it always been your dream to get married on the beach? So why not?
However, be careful. The time of the year in which you are to hold the marriage is, as you must calculate, fundamental to the decision.
If you are going to get married in September, for example, be careful of the location. Well, it’s sunny, as it may be raining.

Historic Places:

He loves history. Monuments. Historical sites?

Nowadays, it has the fantastic opportunity to marry in a historical place of your choice, a small palace, places in the middle of fantastic woods and fascinating gardens.

In a Garden:

Just like a beach wedding, and more than anywhere else,

To marry in a garden depends a lot on the time of the year in which you will hold the event. This point is critical to the decision.
Choose a beautiful and large garden that has shadows but that has also opened.
Thus, it allows people to have shelter from the sun and simultaneously can take photographs of the ceremony and party.

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